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JavaScript >> XML and JavaScript
AJAX Scripts in XML and JavaScript (1)
Advanced DHTML Popup Pro v2.30

   Advanced DHTML Popup is a powerful DHTML Popup window and hover ads creator that works in a WYSIWYG way and produces cross browser DHTML Popup windows without any knowledge of DHTML/Javascript. The product uses an intuitive interface to design and customize the popup window and has a simple method of compiling and attaching the created DHTML popups to your web pages. This is the easy and most unobtrusive way to increase your web site's conversion rates.
CommercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
AJAX-powered Help Balloons/Tooltips

   Built on the prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries, these easy-to-use help balloons give you the ability to add specific information without taking up precious page realestate. You can specify the balloon content statically, or use AJAX to load the balloon content dynamically -- perfect for any website help system.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
AJAX Rating System

   Based on the prototype.js javascript framework, these rating stars are really easy to implement on your website. They feature form field binding, javascript callback function support, and XMLHttpRequest value sending (AJAX).
freePlateform(s): Linux,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
Dynamic Tools Ajax Script

   Starting out with Ajax can be a bit daunting. A lot of the scripts you'll find aren't threadsafe, can only send get requests or just plain aren't flexible. This script allows you to send an Ajax request with just a single line of code and handling the response is a breeze!
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 3
AJAX XMLHttpRequest Object JavaScript tutorial

   AJAX is a Web development technique that is used to create dynamic Web applications. AJAX is not a technology in it's own right but rather a approach based on a combnation of existing technologies. The main advantage that AJAX-based applications have over conventional Web applications is that a Web pages HTML elements can be populated with out first refreshing the page. This in theory, if not always in practise, leads to shorter responce times and facilitates the creation of more dynamic user interaction.
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 1
Sophan Grid

   Sophan Grid is a cross-browser,complete client-side control using AJAX engine.No matter what server-side language you use.AJAX engine makes it easy to control the XML data that is generated staticly or dynamicly.Visit our website to see more details.
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
Beginner's Guide to Ajax

   Using Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) allows you to issue a server request, get the response and use it in your web application without waiting for a page refresh. Produce desktop-like user interface experience for your website users. No-nonsense quickstart guide/overview with links to more detailed resources. From the author of 'Sams Teach Yourself Ajax in 10 Minutes'.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
Agile Gallery

   AgileGallery is an AJAX photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa (a free download from google) and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any description entered in Picasa.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 1
Ajax XML ticker (txt file)

   This is an Ajax enhanced ticker script that lets you use a text file as the contents of the ticker to show! Easily define your messages, which support rich HTML, all inside this external text file.
freePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
Pausing RSS Scroller

   Pausing RSS scroller is an RSS scroller that lets you display any RSS feed on your site, even syndicate the scroller on other sites.
freePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
A Simple Link Checker using Ajax

   In this simple script we use Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to allow all the links on your web pages to be automatically checked for validity every time the page is visited! Can be easily retrofitted to legacy HTML pages. The Ajax call is made to a simple PHP script at the server which checks the links on the page and reports any broken ones to the webmaster via email. The page visitor need never know anything has happened! Free, of course.
freePlateform(s): Linux,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 4
Dynamic Ajax content

   Load and display external pages inside a DIV without reloading the page using this Ajax script. If your external pages reference any external .css or .js files for styling, this script can also load and apply them to the page on demand.
freePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
Ajax Includes script

   This script uses Ajax (DHTML interacting with the server) to let you dynamically include the contents of an external page onto the current document.
freePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
A Sortable Data Grid Using Ajax

   Javascript grids with sortable columns have always been popular. Now, using Ajax techniques, we can sort our data by making real-time server calls in the background, without having to download all our data at pageload time, or have our users wait for a page reload. Full instructions including source code and demo.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4
A Tabbed Page Interface using Ajax

   This script uses the popular 'Ajax' programming model to build a tabbed navigation page. Using Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) allows the data to be displayed on the current page without waiting for a page refresh. Free.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 4
The easy way into Ajax with AHAH

   AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP) is a subset of the popular Ajax web programming paradigm, which is easy to code and avoids the hassle of parsing XML or carrying out XSLT transformations. The source code of a generalised (but tiny) Javascript function library is given, along with an example implementation in a simple project (a metatag grabber).
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 4
Dynamic Form Loader

   This is a dynamic form loader that uses asynchronous javascript and XML (AJAX) to quickly load data from the server wthout a round-trip. This makes the user experience much better, with faster loading.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3

   jax (javascript and xml) is simply "another" flashy name to describe components written using javascript and xml as it's core technologies. jaxWidgets are useful web widgets that can be implemented on any browser supporting DOM and Javascript. It is purely a client-side technology and requires no server components to work. Who is jax for? jax is aimed primarily at web designer/developers with a strong focus on minimising the programming required while still providing advanced functionality offered by javascript code. How does jax work? jax defines a set of custom tags for each widget (ASP.NET style). All the designer needs to do is include the widget code (and core components) needed through script src's tags and place the corresponding tag for the widget into a normal XHTML page. jax handles the processing of all custom tags and UI actions.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 4

   Often when using a computer at an internet cafe, the university library or at a friend's place, you might have data you would like to save for viewing at home later. Until now you have probably emailed such stuff to yourself. But isn't it a bit bothersome to login to that webmail? MyNote allows you to save small notes to yourself, all you have to do is come up with a name for your note and start typing!
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2

   databinding.js was created out of the need to bind complex XML to HTML controls. This version was tested on WinXP and Windows 2000 with IE 6 AND IE 5.5. Note: this will only run with Internet Explorer. Included in the zip file is an example HTML file which shows how to use the dataBinding function.
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/23/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 4
dhtmlxGrid - JavaScript Grid Control

   dhtmlxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid control with powerful API and Ajax support. This component allows displaying, editing and sorting tabular data in browser. Using dhtmlxGrid you can easily create dynamic tables with scroll bars, frozen columns, fixed headers and multiple cell types (text, image, checkbox, radio button, combobox etc.). Smart rendering and paging output allow this grid to work effectively with large datasets. dhtmlxDataProcessor implemented in dhtmlxGrid allows grid data to be easily updated on server side. All changes made in browser can be automatically applied to a database.
commercialPlateform(s): Linux,Window,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 4
EBA Grid

   Display & edit tabular data in IE, Firefox & Netscape with Ajax-powered EBA Grid V3. With minimal coding, Grid delivers responsive, interactive data editing in a dynamic user-interface. Features include live-scrolling (for working with large datasets), multiple cell types, remote-sorting & in-place cell editing. Available for ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP, and classic ASP.
commercialPlateform(s): Linux,Window,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
Who's Who?

   An XML and JavaScript database to list company / organization employee data including photographs. The XML file provides easy updating, while the JavaScript allows rapid client-side name and department data sorting. Ideal for an intranet. Works in IE6, Netscape 6+, Mozilla, and Firefox browsers.
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 3
AJAX - Updating DIVS from the server

   AJAX - Asynchronous Javascript And XML is a method whereby you can update portions (in this case, DIV Elements) on your page with data returned from a url quickly and easily without having to refresh the page. This script incorporates a new function, load(url), into your div tags. All you need to do is call it with a url and the contents of your div tag will be replaced by the contents of the url.
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2
Photo Search

   A database using XML and Javascript, configured to show thumbnails that launch full size pictures in a popup window. With the option for having as many fields/columns as you like. Records can be searched for, sorted (alphabetically or numerically) and selected on a value. It works on IE6 and Mozilla/Firefox - over 90% of browsers on 2005 stats. So is ideal for someone wanting to present their collection on the free webspace ISPs provide.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 4
ActiveWidgets Grid :: cross-browser scrolling datagrid control

   ActiveWidgets is a modern cross-browser Web GUI toolkit. Provides full set of standard widgets (grid, tree, tabs, menu, etc.) with fast and convenient data-binding interface. Built on JavaScript/XML/DHTML/CSS, integrates easily with PHP/MySQL, ASP.NET and other back-ends.
freePlateform(s): OtherUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3

   XML for SCRIPT is a powerful, standards-compliant JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help web application designers implement cross platform applications that take advantage of client-side manipulation of XML data. XML for SCRIPT provides a full suite of tools, including a standards-compliant W3C DOM Level 2 Processor, a standards-compliant SAX processor, a simple (classic) DOM processor, proxies for XML retrieval from any domain and utilities for XML and application development.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,Mac OSXUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
Flextable IE5 DHTML Grid

   An IE 5.5 DHTML grid for presenting tables of data. Click to sort, fixed and scrolling columns, resizable and movable columns, configurable formatting, other features. XML + XSLT version. Code is fully documented using Leo (Literate Editor with Outlines).
freePlateform(s): OtherUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 3
DOM XML ticker

   By combining DHTML with XML, this ticker script makes updating its contents a breeze, through an external XML file. Just open the file, and enter the desired messages to show. Plain text and links (with targeting) are supported, and script is functional in both IE5+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest.
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 3
XML Ticker

   This is an XML based JavaScript Ticker that can tick any number of messages. One of the beneifts of using XML is seperation of content from presentation- the contents for this ticker resides in a seperate file. This script currently works only in IE, degrading well with the rest.
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
ECMAScript XML Toolkit

   ECMAScript XML Toolkit consists of ESPX, an ECMAScript Parser for (almost) XML with namespaces, and TinyXSL, a XML transform in-Script mini-Language. Both are designed for down-level web user agents without built-in XML support.
freePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1
Js Xml Document Reader

   If you have sections of your web pages that are frequently updated, such as a table of links, or you have advertising, announcement, or message spots that change, it can be easier (by far) to simply change one file instead of dozens or even hundreds of web pages. Now, you can do such with ease using XML while having no dependance on server-side scripting.
freePlateform(s): OtherUpdate: 11/29/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
Altova Enterprise XML Suite 2007

   Save half OFF the price of the world's leading XML developer tools! The Altova Enterprise XML Suite 2007 is a comprehensive XML development toolset that delivers the highest functionality and the best product value. It includes Enterprise Editions of Altova XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision, plus SemanticWorks, SchemaAgent, and now DiffDog. XMLSpy Enterprise is the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies. It offers the TOP XML editor, schema designer, code generator, file converters, debuggers, profilers, support for XSLT, XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, VS..NET, Eclipse, and more. MapForce Enterprise is the premier data integration and WEB services implementation tool. It maps between any combination of XML, DB, flat file, EDI, and/or WEB service then converts data on-the-FLY or generates program code for use in data integration or WEB services applications. StyleVision Enterprise is the ultimate visual stylesheet designer for transforming XML and DB content into HTML, PDF and Word/RTF output and building Authentic electronic forms, all from a single design. It supports XSLT 1.0/2.0, XSL:FO, CSS, JavaScript, and all major DBs. SchemaAgent is the compelling new paradigm for modeling and managing XML Schemas in enterprise workgroups. View and manage schema relationships and graphically build complex schemas from distributed schema components. SemanticWorks is the ground-breaking visual RDF/OWL editor for the Semantic WEB. Use it to visually design RDF instance documents, RDF Schema vocabularies, and OWL ontologies then output them in RDF/XML or N-triples formats. DiffDog is the developer's dedicated differencing utility. This XML-aware synchronization tool quickly compares files and folders then highlights differences and merges content. The Altova XML Suite is the most complete and best selling XML toolset on the market and the right choice for organizations standardizing on XML. Try it today.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 2/5/2007 Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2
Javascripts for Beginners

   The Javascript tutorials are intended for complete beginners to the subject. If you've never done any programming before in your life, then this is the place to be. Complete the entire course and you'll have a very good understanding of prgramming in general, and Javascript in particular.
1.1Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 12/4/2008Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 1
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