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Remotely Hosting >> Interactive Stories
Tao of the Doodle Addon Story Dojo

   Read and contribute to addon stories based on a variety of doodles. Each story may split into multiple branches at any point, so if you dont like where a story is going or have a better idea, you are not locked out just because someone else got there first.
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CGISpy.com Stories

   A never ending story is a script that allows you to keep a story going with people who visit your site. They add their addition to the story, with their email and name, and then it will display the part of the story they added.
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InClick Ad Server

   With the inClick Ad Server, you will tap revenues from your site where you never thought possible. You can deliver ads based on keywords, page content, and zones. Create your own advertising network and serve text ads on other sites just like Google. Use the pre-defined ad feeds (banner, skyscraper, leaderboard, etc) or customize using the XML data stream directly. Tested fast, inClick can deliver 200 ads per second on a shared server. Pay-per-Click, Fixed Cost; Bid-for-Placement; Auto Bidding; Geographic Targeting. Advertiser Reporting.
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   InstaHelp is a software tool that enables sales and customer service teams to interact with customers online, in an easy to use, real-time environment, at critical moments during their visit. It provides eshops the technology to facilitate Real Time Shop Monitoring and Assistance (provided by Real Humans) when the customer needs help. The solution offers websites a timely and cost-effective solution to reach the right customer at the right time helping to increase revenue and the productivity of sales and customer service agents.
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Keeca Realtime Stats

   Keeca Realtime Stats is a very useful site tracking system that allows site owners to understand the traffic patterns. Keeca Realtime Stats offers a very simple user interface to show the three major information: unique visitors, return visitors, and number of impressions of your website. Site owners, e-commerce managers who care about their visitors should have a good and reliable tracking system. Keeca Realtime Stats provides such useful information. Explore the daily, weekly, or monthly traffic of your site.
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