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Remotely Hosting >> Web Traffic Analysis
Traffic Exchange Scripts in Web Traffic Analysis (12)Web Site Tracking Scripts in Web Traffic Analysis (18)
Hit Tracker Scripts in Web Traffic Analysis (5)
Tdstats - Free Website Statistics

   Free statistics for your website. Features; multiple site tracking, traffic stats by hour, day, month and year, referrer stats by url, domain and url by domain, search engine and keyword stats from major search engines and system statistics like browser, operating system, screen resolution and more.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 12/5/2006Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2

   Text-based, optionally invisible counter with customizable reload block and IP block and live statistics. Statistics feature days, weeks, browsers, JavaScript, OS, countries, timezones, languages, screen sizes, window sizes, links and search engine referrals. With the Textcounter.org sidebar, you can watch your sites visitors live while surfing.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 12/5/2006Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2

   Tracksy is a Web stats and counter service that provides very detailed Web traffic reports. No ads or logos on your Web site.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 12/5/2006Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
Website Statistics Tracking And Analysis

   Real-Time Web Site Statistics.Get 100 of statistics in real-time. There are no logs to read. How many hits (page views and unique visitors) your web site is receiving by hour, day, week, month and year. How many different people visit your site. Where your traffic is coming from: search engine placements, key words from search engine optimization, links from other sites, or other sources. What pages are frequented the most.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 12/5/2006Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2

   Install a small snippet of JavaScript code on any page that you want to monitor. Each time a visitor accesses a page coded with WebTrafficStats code, statistical information about the visitor and his or her activity is collected. These statistics are available to you in real time, 24 hours a day, from any Web browser.
freePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 12/5/2006Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
AIMpromote.com - Web Traffic Analysis and Lead Management

   Generate more leads for your business and close more sales. AIMpromote provides you with the tools to easily generate and track leads through your website, telephone, or direct mail. With it's combination of visitor tracking, CRM, and SFA you will have the professional tools to give your website its competitive advantage. Detailed Reporting Features: • Which campaigns are producing phone calls • Which campaigns are producing feedback submissions • How much revenue each campaign has produced • Actual Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the campaign • Number of leads closed • Leads in-progress • Number of possible sales lost • Non-qualified leads handled... Marketing Automation Features: Newsletter/ Mailing List Manager • Create feedback forms • Instantly update forms on all sites • Report on a single site or for all sites cumulatively • Automatically create perfectly optimized promotional sites... Sign up for a free 14 day full featured trial!
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 6/12/2007Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2
Corewebsoft website tracker ASP.NET hosted

   Hosted ASP.NET script for web traffic monitoring and tracking website visitors. Complete management - no server or special knowledge needed. Website tracker generates live traffic reports - active sessions, page views, visitors, browsers, keywords, robots, origin country and more. Track google adwords or monitor similar advertising campaign, increase your selling ability. No installation. Free demo.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 6/12/2007Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
Extreme Tracking

   Extreme Tracking for windows Provides you with advanced and highly organized tracking solutions. Numbers, percentages, stats, totals, and averages are all presented to you in an orderly and highly readable format. Provides you with real-time reporting and extensive referrer tracking. Is five times faster because it is javascript optimized and has no traffic limitations.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 6/13/2007Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2

   Statsmachine is a multi-platform compatible program that lets you display stats daily, monthly, weekly, and even hourly. Has multilingual support, unique IP tracking, visual trace routes, country lookup mechanism, visitor path tracking, and multiple pages.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 6/13/2007Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
Stat Logger

   Stat Logger is a multi-platform compatible program that allows you to view accurate graphs and statistics remotely. No advertisements. No programming required. Fully customizable, easy to install!
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 6/13/2007Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2
Open Tracker

   Open Tracker is a multi-platform compatible interactive, easy to use, and install website statistics service. Open Tracker can: count page views, visitors, countries, individual pages, and referrers. Can also track search terms, unique visitors, visitor clickstreams, and an unlimited number of web pages. Also allows you to add multiple users to share statistics and to track multiple sites. Password protected.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 6/13/2007Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
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