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Some Key features of "ASP Script Chat":

· Full Source Code
· No plug-ins required
· Easy for the user to understand
· Multilingual (English, German, French)
· Look and feel modifiable by anyone with a little HTML knowledge
· No programming knowledge required
· A function "kick smb out of chat"
· Allows private user conversations with whispers
· You can easily change your settings while chatting
· Supports multiple rooms
· Blocking of IP addresses
· Rooms can be created and deleted on the fly
· HTML tags protection
· Configurable bad word filter
· Available tracking of IP address
· User's image library
· Hot keys for sending messages
· You can go from one room to another online
· Users are timed out if they leave the chat without logging off
· Since java is not used, the chat loads very quickly
· No glimmer effect

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Programmer's Resource
Programmer's Resource offers ASP articles, tips, code snippets, and a message board. You'll also find a large index of ASP applications, components, eCommerce, and other ASP sites. A premier developers' resource featuring over 3000 pages containing comprehensive quick reference guides, s, knowledge base articles, and useful products to serve a wide range of developers' needs. All of our reference material is free.
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Offering Hundreds of Articles

Offering hundreds of articles from dozens of columnists and free web hosting with sql server access and opportunity to earn royalties to those with something to contribute to the ASP/ASP+ community. PowerASP tries to focus on Intermediate ASP topics. We don't waste your time with content that has nothing to do with ASP like some other sites do. Code Wizards, Code Snippets, Articles, Free Downloads, Examples, s, Chat Room, Discussion Board.

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Where Can I Get ASP?

ASP a web enhancement tool that was developed and distributed by Microsoft. As such, the ASP scripting host (which translates ASP into HTML) is distributed within Microsoft's web-specific products – its web servers, Internet Information Server (IIS) and Personal Web Server (PWS) and its HTML editors (FrontPage 9x and Visual Interdev, though not Notepad ;-). In the spirit of the open standard that ASP wants to be, the scripting host has also been taken by third parties and rewritten for use with other, non-Microsoft web servers – more on that later. is

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