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flOw (Free Game)
An addictive Flash game created by a student while researching design methodologies for elastic video game experiences. Your goal is to dive deep into the space, eat and evolve.
- Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature
- Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate
- Red makes you dive down
- Blue brings you back up
- Filling up your body to grow longer + makes your current body segment evolve
- Move slowly to make smaller turns
About Flash magazine
Our vision for Flashmagazine is to become the best place to get information on Macromedia's Flash, Adobe LiveMotion, Swift3D, Swish and other Vector based products for the web.

Flashmagazine features the people and products that are shaping the web of tomorrow. We report on events in the Flash-scene, bring news, reviews and hopefully some fun to everyone interested in the web's future. Macromedia's Flash is now the most widespread plugin in history. It is installed in more than 98% of all browsers. When other formats such as SVG appear on the radar, Flashmagazine will let you know.

Introducing the images API in Flash 8
The Macromedia Flash 8 images API describes the new BitmapData ActionScript class and various other associated methods that form an impressive new feature set in Flash Player 8. This new feature set enables Flash developers to create and manipulate 32-bit imagess at runtime using ActionScript. The images API is similar to Imaging Lingo in Macromedia Director 8 in terms of the services it provides. However, the images API is more refined and provides more functionality. In this article, I show you how to get started with the images API and discuss some of its capabilities.
Flash Player Release Notes

This document is for users developing content for Flash Player 9 and addresses issues which are not discussed in the Flex 2 documentation or release notes. This document may be updated periodically as more information becomes available. Ensure that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed by clicking here to check the version. The current version of Flash Player 9 for Windows and Macintosh operating systems is The current version of Flash Player 9 for Linux operating systems is

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