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Interview Questions
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The Flash Anthology

  • Create over 60 cool and practical ActionScript effects (examples).
  • Customize each effect in dozens of different ways to suit your needs.
  • Learn to use Flash for navigation, animation, video and audio.
  • Discover best-practice ActionScript coding techniques.
  • Get FREE download access to all the code (45 MB) used in the book.

  • Spanish flashcards

    Free on-line Spanish flashcards with sound for learning basic vocabulary like foods, clothing, furniture, body parts, cooking, school, animals, ...

    You can use the following code to write the Spanish special character on moat window computer.There are two important things to remember when using these codes.First when you write the numbers some keyboard required that you use the "numeric keypad" located to the side rather than the number along the top.Second on some keyboard only one of the ALT keys will work for this.

    About Anfy Flash

    Have you ever dreamed about making flash effects for your web site, but never had the knowledge to use Macromedia Flash? Although Macromedia Flash is relatively easy to use, you still have to have "a programmer's" mind to really be able to create what you want. The Anfy Flash system solves this problem for you. With this service, you don't need to know or own Macromedia Flash, you don't need to know ActionScript. Here, you select the flash effect you would like for your page(s), customize it using our user friendly software, and the server creates the flash effect for you. You receive a ready-to-use Flash SWF-file with an HTML file for that specific SWF-file. The only work is to put the HTML tags on the HTML file in your page(s) and put the flash swf file on your web server.

    What is the Flashforward Conference and Film Festival?

    Learn how Flash integrates with other Adobe® applications to create Flash video, rich internet applications in and out of the browser, animation, audio, games, data visualization, database integration, mashups, and much more. Flashforward celebrates its 7th year as the largest user gathering of Adobe Flash users on the planet. Produced by lynda.com events and sponsored by Adobe Systems.

    Flashforward2007 Boston is a three-day conference filled with sessions led by the world's leading Flash designers and developers. Flashforward also includes an international Flash-related film festival and awards ceremony, an Expo hall with vendors who support all-things Flash, swag, parties, networking events, a private online Flashforward community, access to jobs, talent, and recruiters, and a subscription to the lynda.com Online Training Library™ so you can brush up on your tools before and after the event.

    flash games

    Mara pets is a pet site that has dress up games, where you customise your character with clothing and accessories, fun flash games that you can earn points from, web games that you can play and pets that you can care for. When you join our virtual pet site, your character is born and you have three currencies - MP, BP and RP. MP is the main currency of Marada, the virtual world you are exploring. You need Marapoints to do most things on the site, such as look after your pets and buy clothing to dress up your character. Visit our games section for free online games that will earn you MP, including arcade games, puzzle games, card games, casino games, virtual games, quest games, mission games, sports games, shooting games, luck games, strategy games, flash games and more.

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