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Interview Questions
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Flash/Action script
Learn how to use Flash to create everything from simple animations to complicated ActionScript projects by following the easy-to-learn tutorials.Many people have had a few problems understanding the shine effect . Therefore, this one is designed so you should have no problems. Simply put, a shine effect is a glare, or a "glint" if you will, on a particular shape. It gives the illusion that a part of an images or any other medium you use is glaring from light.In this tutorial, you will learn to the create the above glint effect.
It's the mother of all Flash games

It's old hat now, but in early 2003 this page was hopping. Occasionally a pro-war loony will email me to sneer that things didn't turn out like this. The ability to miss the point is strong in some people. This game starts with a simple premise: that Bush/Blair were telling the truth. Saddam had WMD and was willing to use them.. Here are some quick links to some of my better animation work (if you're too lazy to go searching page to page, like me).

Free Flash Animations for Your Website

These free Flash animations are great for catching your visitors attention and keeping them on the page. Free Flash Intros and Splash Pages - Welcome your visitors with a Flash animation.  Grab their attention and draw them into your site!. Free Start Pages  - Designed for use with traffic generating programs and start page exchanges, these fast loading free Flash animations make the most of the few seconds you have to capture a visitor.Flash Hit Counters - Other hit counters are too slow!  Install a Faster Free Flash Hit Counter on your web page.

Flash Templates247
We are the best value for money choice when it comes to Flash templates, Website templates, Flash intro templates, HTML templates and custom website design. Our flash templates are designed by award-winning experts using Macromedia Flash MX or above. We are dedicated to provide high quality templates at affordable prices.
Flash Animation Tutorials
User interface design? Interactive animated web pages? E-cards? Funny cartoon shorts? Whatever you want to do in Flash, these tutorials will help you get a foothold on on the basics of developing your animation skills, as well as a few tips and tricks to help beginners get used to the program tools.
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