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Interview Questions
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New Appliances for SAP, Salesforce.com Versus Outlook

Salesforce SAP Outlook Enterprise Application Integration Appliance Data Management: Cast Iron Systems is rolling out for general availability three new integration appliances designed specifically for SAP customers. The entry-level iA2500-SP product links SAP to an additional third-party application, the iA3000-SP provides support for "SAP-to-many" applications, and the iA3000HA-SP is a high availability version of the latter. It consists of two appliances linked together for redundancy and fail-safe operations...

SAP Financial Terminology
Before you work in SAP, you need to understand SAP financial terminology.

In SAP there are three types of cost objects: Cost Center, Internal Order, and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element.

Cost Center:

General or operating accounts are known in SAP as Cost Centers. Cost Centers are budgeted on the fiscal year.  

Internal Order:

MIT Fund Accounts may be either Internal Orders or WBS Elements in SAP. A non-sponsored Fund Account (e.g., funding from the MIT Provost) is an Internal Order. A sponsored fund account (carrying a 4-digit sponsor code, e.g., a corporate fellowship program) is a WBS Element. These cost objects are used to track expenses for a particular activity. They are not tied to the fiscal year and some receive interest income.

IPX SAP Access Lists

You might recall from Chapter 8 that the ipx routing command also initiates the broadcasting of IPX SAP updates between routers. The information contained in SAP updates can be filtered using IPX SAP access lists, which use the numerical range 1000-1099. By properly implementing these access lists you can control the extent to which certain SAP broadcasts are propagated through an IPX network. Much like standard access lists, IPX SAP access lists should usually be implemented close to the source of SAP updates, in order to reduce unnecessary network traffic.

Wireless Enterprise Symposium: Nortel, SAP keynotes, BBES tutorials highlight final day

That's Malcolm Collins, Nortel's president of Enterprise Networks.

During Collins' appearance tomorrow morning at the Wireless Networking Symposium in Orlando, I'd bet he has a lot to say about the forthcoming integration of  Novell GroupWise Messenger into BlackBerry.

If you are at the conference, you might also be eager to hear what Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP America, has to say.

SAP Tutor Personal Player

SAP Tutor is SAP's solution for customized enduser training, documentation and simulation material.

To access tutorials created with SAP Tutor (files with the extension .SIM), you need the SAP Tutor Player.

Here you can install a special version of the SAP Tutor Player (EXE file, 2.1 MB) that is limited to playing tutorials made by SAP only. This version is available free of charge. Please see the license agreement for further information.

The SAP Tutor Personal Player has been optimized for installation over the Web. It installs into the personal area of the operating system and therefore does not require special user privileges (Administrator Rights) on the computer where it is installed.

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